Dog Care: How to Calm that Rambunctious Puppy

7 Grooming Style Designs to Make Your Dog Look Like Another Animal

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Adults get to play dress-up on Halloween, so why not give your dog a chance to live out a fantasy life? The next time you book a dog grooming appointment, bypass the traditional haircut for something a little more exotic. Using a little haircut magic and some safe dyes, there are seven unique ways your canine can transform into another creature from the animal kingdom. Browse through each idea below to see how which one fits perfectly with your dog. Read More»

Grooming Basics For Dogs With Alopecia

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Alopecia is a skin condition that causes dogs to lose patches of hair. All dog breeds are susceptible to getting alopecia and they either inherit or acquire this disorder. Dogs that do not inherit this condition from their parents have acquired alopecia and it is often the result of flea allergies, mange or acral lick dermatitis. In addition to hair loss, other symptoms of alopecia include itching, flaky skin and inflammation. Read More»

Pet Ownership: Financial Helps For Veterinary Costs

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When you bring a new cat or dog home to your family, you may be making the decision more with your heart than with your checkbook. However, as a responsible pet owner, adoption means a substantial financial commitment to feed, license, and provide medical care for that animal. How do you afford these costs? What happens when your pet develops a medical condition that falls beyond the range of your financial abilities? Read More»